We are the only centre providing rehabilitative care for stroke survivors in the Borough and, with resources in the NHS and local government stretched as they are, we see the need for our services continuing into the foreseeable future.

The size and nature of the centre means that the scale of our activity is likely to remain much the same. While there will inevitably be some changes as we respond to circumstances, we intend that speech therapy and physiotherapy should remain core parts of our programme.

We aim to keep the charges we make to clients at a reasonable level in order to make our services open to as many as possible, and to continue to raise funds from supporters, the community and grant making bodies to meet the balance of our costs.

We are currently looking to establish a sound financial platform by:

  • improving our income resilience through being more active in searching for grants from funding bodies;
  • renegotiating our lease with LB Bromley to provide security of tenure.

We are also working to improve our services and facilities by:

  • the recent refurbishment of the kitchen and repair to the entrance roof;
  • looking for new equipment and new activities to enhance our day to day programme.

We are aiming to making better use of IT for communication and efficient working by:

  • Updating the website and being more active on social media;
  • Updating our IT equipment and capability.