Who are we?

iCARE is a charity but we are also a company for operating purposes, the iCARE Day Centre Trust Ltd.. We therefore report to the Charities Commission, Companies House and HMRC.

We are controlled by a Board of Trustees who also act as the directors of the company. The Trustees, who include the officers of Chair, Company Secretary and Treasurer, are all unpaid.

Some of the Trustees come from groups such as clients, carers and volunteers, and are therefore able to bring those perspectives to the Board’s deliberations. Other Trustees are independent or may represent supporting organisations.

The Board normally meets four times a year. A standing sub-committee comprising the Chair, Company Secretary, Treasurer and Co-ordinator may meet in between Board meetings.

Day to day running of the centre is the responsibility of the Co-ordinator, who with the Deputy Coordinator, four part time Care Assistants and a part time Secretary, comprise the employed staff. They are ably supported by a group of about 20 volunteers.


ICARE organisational structure

Charity Governance Code

ICARE Trustees are committed to good governance, knowing that it is essential:

  • for the achievement of our vision for the charity
  • for the effective and efficient operation of the Centre
  • for the delivery of our services to those who come to us week by week
  • for retaining the confidence and respect of those who support us.

The Charity Governance Code was issued in 2017 and provides a framework against which charities can assess themselves and improve their governance arrangements.

The Trustees have taken advantage of this and worked through the Code together, looking at how we performed on each of the seven principles. Overall we were able to demonstrate that, thanks to Trustees past and present, ICARE enjoys a strong effective governance structure. However, we identified a number of areas where we could make improvements in our organisation and, as a result, we have made changes over the subsequent months, for example:

  • Providing a fuller Annual Report and publishing it on our website
  • Ensuring that the good practice we were alraedy doing is properly documented
  • Reviewing and our policies and procedures on a regular basis and updating them where necessary
  • Making explicit our values and vision
  • Documenting our processes and practices, e.g. in relation to risk

We will be reviewing ourselves regularly to ensure that we continue to comply with the Code as we go forward.

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